Welcome Old

Who is First Alliance?

First Alliance, a growing, hope-filled fellowship offers a place to belong as you discover and connect with God.  We want to walk with each other through the week and meet for worship as friends who are trying to help each other keep our focus on Jesus.

2018 began with a series on “Prayer & Life” leading up to Easter where we will transition into “Jesus, Family and Church” (study in the Gospels).  During the summer we will have two months focusing on “Promises of God” and move to a more expository study that will carry us through Thanksgiving.  Each week we think about how God’s Word connects with everyday life.

We would love to have you experience a morning with us. Please stop by for worship on Sundays @10:30am; each week we are asking for a fresh awareness of God that overcomes the struggles of day to day life.  We’re a Family of Kingdom-minded families; building community – one person at a time.

What do we offer?

That’s an interesting question… What do you need?  We are praying that God will help us become a grace-filled community; an ever-widening family that walks in faith, leans on Jesus and shares His story.  We are also actively looking for ways we can meaningfully impact our local community, serving in Jesus’ name.

We offer some pretty exciting opportunities…

  1. God-focused Worship with prayer, singing (worship team), Scripture, Bible-teaching and sharing.
  2. Well organized, fun kids programs & nursery care during services on Sunday mornings.
  3. Diverse multi-cultural Jr/Sr high group with teaching/activities on Sunday AM and Wednesday PM.
  4. Adult small groups on Sunday morning/evening and Wednesday evenings for community building, teaching and prayer.

What do you need?

I’d bet you a dollar and a cup of coffee that you probably need some of what we offer:  A place to experience God’s grace as you try to figure out how to deal with your life, family and career.

My name is Pastor Dan.  Drop me a line:  [email protected]