Meet Pastor Dan

img_20161007_165450791Hey there!  Thanks for stopping!

My name’s Dan and Marcia’s on the right.  We’ve been around Raleigh for 20 years as God moved us in and out of First Alliance, preparing us for a role here in Raleigh at the same church we came to serve 20 years ago.

Now, after all these years, God, in his perfect timing, opened the door (12/4/16) for us to walk along side First Alliance Church in a pastoral leadership role. We follow a long line of Godly pastors who have made significant investments in the lives of people at First Alliance.

I was born and raised in Central PA; Marcia was born and raised in Southern VT.  We met at Nyack College just outside of New York City. Our first ministry role was as Youth Pastor in Mars, PA from 1991-1997.

We moved from Pittsburgh, PA to Raleigh, NC to serve First Alliance in October of 1997.  After 5 years at First Alliance, God led me out of vocational pastoral ministry and into ‘regular life’ for 15 years.  I worked as a Starbucks Barista, in state government, with Federal Express as a courier/handler on Atlantic Ave, as a Financial Advisor and even worked to build a Life Coaching business ( In 2014 I served in a District Pastoral coaching/support role that included a 15 month interim pastor role at a C&MA church in Greensboro, NC.  It has certainly been an interesting ride; God doesn’t waste any of our life experiences.

My wife Marcia is a fabulous Elementary Music Teacher at Powell Elementary School, right here in Wake County.  She plays keyboard in the Worship Team.  Both of my kids are grown so we’re empty nesters. We enjoy family, fresh roasted coffee, evening TV, social media, working on projects and getting ready for classes.  Marcia loves the beach and I love my wife (so we go to the beach when we can).

After all these years, we have not arrived.  We continue to be refined and are grateful for God’s grace and mercy in life’s ups and downs.  We’ve received a lot of grace so there’s room to share it with others.  Our highest calling is to live by faith and lean on God’s wisdom more than our analysis. Hebrew 11:6 has always resonated with me.

We are excited about serving at First Alliance, a community of travelers who want to experience Jesus and share him with people around us.

If you want to read a bit more about my life/interests click through to  Or, better yet, let’s grab a cup of coffee sometime.



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