• Body of Christ food truck QA

  • Food Truck Dream

    Once there was dream, that our church fellowship would impact the people who lived up and down the roads around our building.  We tried this or that, inviting to this and giving that.  We so much wanted to care for and support people around the church.

    The best community impact has probably come through a basketball hoop in the parking lot.  It gets more use than the playground. It’s a neat place to play and it’s local.
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  • Global Outreach

    Since 1887, The Alliance has served the spiritual and physical needs of millions of men, women, and children in every part of the world. Today, the C&MA’s global ministries encompass 13,609 churches and church groups including more than 4 million people in 81 countries and territories. First Alliance Church is enthusiastically committed to reaching the whole world with the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ.[Learn More]

  • Local Outreach

    Here at First Alliance Church we desire to see all of our members doing just that loving God and then loving others. That’s why we open our doors for ministry to the community, provide opportunities for community outreach, and encourage our members to connect with outreach opportunities in the Raleigh area. [Learn More]