Our Mission

To be honest, it’s God’s mission.  We’re just trying to figure out what role He wants us to play.

Here’s what we’ve discovered so far…

  • We’re called to love others and help each other learn what it means to follow Jesus.
  • We’re called to connect with each other Monday through Saturday and continue worshiping as we gather on Sundays.
  • We’re called to engage people around us (church community & personal network), sharing Jesus as we serve as Jesus served.
  • We’re called to attentively follow, listening for what the Spirit is teaching and telling us along the way.


Our Core Focuses:

Know God
Real life change takes place when Jesus rescues us from sin and its consequences.  As Savior, Jesus offers us an awareness of His presence throughout the day and hope as God, our Heavenly Father, watches over us.  Authentic worship springs from hearts that have experienced God’s mercy and grace.  The Scriptures come alive to us when God’s Holy Spirit opens our hearts to receive God’s truth.

Grow your relationship with God
Learning to make our faith practical is crucial.  Connection to a small group of believers offers a wonderful environment to interact with the Bible and explore how to apply it’s truth.  There we can listen to the struggles of others and find support as we take steps to draw closer to God and explore our unique giftings.

Go share the grace of God
We believe that each of us have a responsibility to share the grace of God.  As followers of Jesus, who have experienced his grace and are abiding in the vine, we will naturally look for places to share what God is doing in us.  God is actively preparing people around us, opening some of them so they are ready to respond.  We can pray and look for openings as we are going about our day.  We are all unique and will talk about Jesus story with our own unique flavor.