Thank you for joining us today! God showed us the importance of loving others. Jesus was present in his community so we want to be present in ours.

Perhaps you’re a guest at our Saturday produce table or one of our church gatherings — either way, we appreciate your visit and hope you feel encouraged on your journey.

The journey can be challenging but it’s better if you’re traveling with friends. We hope you’ll come again!

Please let us know you’re here this time:

Quick summary of opportunities that you and your family might find interesting:

  • Saturday mornings we offer produce to our community & pray for their blessing (April to October).
  • Sundays we meet for worship at 10:30am (9am Sunday School, 10am Coffee)
  • Tuesday-Saturday we open our cafe area (8:30-11:30am)
  • Tuesday evenings there are dinners (6pm) & workshops (7pm)
  • Thursday mornings there are breakfasts (9:30am) @ The Cafe
  • Saturday mornings there is a Men’s Bible Study 8am @ The Cafe

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There are classes/workshops too.

We would be honored if you would let us know a little about you.