The word ‘worship’ means to bow down.  It’s humility.  It’s submission to one far superior and valued so highly that we bow ourselves – sometime in body but certainly in heart.

We gather on Sundays to worship God together.  This sign of our unity, love and relationship with the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  The fullness of God in the person of Jesus.

We always have music and use the Scriptures as our guide.  God’s Spirit is our teacher, convicting us of sin and guiding us into His truth.

Another aspect of worship is giving.  Folks who are part of our fellowship are invited to participate financially in the ministries of their church, that others would see the beauty of Jesus and also worship God!

There are several ways in which individuals may develop their gifts and calling to serve with music, to learn more contact [email protected]. It is our prayer that God continues to give us new opportunities and new people with whom to serve.