Food Truck Dream

Once there was dream, that our church fellowship would impact the people who lived up and down the roads around our building.  We tried this or that, inviting to this and giving that.  We so much wanted to care for and support people around the church.

The best community impact has probably come through a basketball hoop in the parking lot.  It gets more use than the playground. It’s a neat place to play and it’s local.

But God had other plans in the works.  He planted a seed that would grow into a food truck.  It’s a grand dream and we’re thankful for all the people who have played a role, praying, giving, inviting others to give, etc.  Success comes to people who work together at God’s work for his glory.

Yesterday, May 18, 2017, John Garriss and I met Curtis and bought a food truck.  We’ve been working to coordinate painting, repairing, cleaning up the truck so we can be ready to use it early  in June.  It’s going to be an incredible adventure!

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